26 January 2009

Bento Challenge week 3 - my focus

My note for bento Challenge week 3

Here at Maki's the details of the third week which will focus on money saving

It is quite an important matter to me, because money saving is strictly linked/intermingled (or whatever word suits better in English) to avoiding any waste. The first step to save money is not to waste what you already have as staples and food (as well as any other goods!!) so my first goal for this week (and for the future, I want it to be a rule in my life) is not to shop for food (unless strictly necessary!) and to empty my cupboards. I have plenty of buckwheat, millet, rice and dried beans to cook with fresh and frozen vegetables and they can make excellent carbs in my bentos and are quite versatile, have enought of frozen and smoked salmon plus quite a lot of guanciale (smoked pig's cheek?) for proteins, many apples :-) and some ideas for making sweets for breakfast and mid-afternoon snacks, so I'm full of energy and very motivated for this week!
Working on the planning part will also help to save money.
Last week I was very careful about not wasting food and using leftovers, but I ended up throwing away some carrots and half a cup of pumpkin puree so something went wrong anyway. I will work harder on this and plus try to add a touch of color in my bentos, which I missed to do last week.

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