27 October 2009

una poltrona per due

an armchair for two...and the Ikea tiger in between!


a breve la ricetta!

fuzzy lamb

Fuzzy lamb! step 1, legs (I made one)
but I need to figure out how to stuff it, any idea? I'd like him to be as soft as a toy can be :-) it is my very first hand-knitted lamb! (He is probably a she-lamb, because of the lion and the lamb thing in Twilight)
I'm too tired to knit in the evening though...maybe it's the season, or the age. Maybe both. Lack of motivation at work and no hope of getting better. Neither of having like a 15 squared meters wider living room or bedroom. Guess I have to be happy with my 40 squared meters and all the



26 October 2009

shopping! and pumpkin gnocchi again

a sunny and warm week end, it felt like being back in September (too bad because I'm starving for winter!)
I bought some threads to try sashiko stitching (they were on sale o,50 € each) maybe donguri, autumn leaves, chestnut?

this is my favourite ring, the dark side of a full moon on my finger
(10 € at the flea-market in April, still wearing it every single day!)

this is an awesome wool scarf I bought at the same flea market on Sunday (45 €, not too cheap but it is gorgeous, terribly soft and I fell in love with the colors..scarves are just like bags to me, I never seem to have enought!)

and these are the pumpkin gnocchi I made Thursday evening (I had them twice..) next time should try cooking the pumpkin in the oven and not in the steamer because it was too watery and I had to add too much flour

in addition,I bought a pair (well, 5) double pointed needles because I'd like to try and knit 'Fuzzy Lamb' from fuzzymitten.com
and Chu Totoro by Brella I found on raverly.com
all my girlfriends have babies or are about to have them and I thought it would be nice to knit some toys for them, instead of buying them at the shop. still don't know if I can make them though...

20 October 2009


solo qualche foto sparsa, con didascalie in italiano, per una volta! qui sopra un misero tentativo di pasta frolla al tè verde matcha, per inaugurare uno stampino da biscotti a funghetto, molto 'Totoro'

la micia che si rilassa

Totoro! sono andata a vederlo di nuovo, non appena è arrivato al Giorgione (in tenuta libera, un solo pomeriggio di programmazione...)

soba 100% senza glutine, con spinaci e frittata a striscioline

la micia in una delle sue pose migliori, vicino ad un bellissimo libro giapponese 'vintage' che mi ha regalato la mia adorata prof, con tanti consigli per rendere felice il micio di casa.

07 October 2009

salmon bento

salmon+brown rice sauteed with French beans (tamari and sesame seeds)

自分の会社の矩則通りに普通火曜と木曜は六時ぐらいまで働いてて月曜ー水曜は三時まで働いていますので普段に 水曜日の午後暇で日本語の宿題か文法の勉強することにしています. 昨日の午後は聴解の勉強しながらあくる日の弁当や夕食の資格を 作っておけばはどうかと思っていましたので, いんげんとブラウン米を茹でておいて海苔と黒胡麻の振りかけを作って, 満足でした!
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