27 January 2009

Bento Challenge week 3 - my bento n.1 and n.2

Monday's bento:
I made it with leftovers from Sunday evening dinner.
::white gohan topped with salmon and leeks braised in tamari
:: Sant'Erasmo broccoli
:: nori seaweed tamagoyaki
:: an apple

The broccoli from Sant'Erasmo (one of the islands of Venice arcipelago, takes more or less 15 minutes to get there by 'waterbus' and it is the 'green' island, we call it 'Venice Vegetable garden') are much more like small cauliflowers than like the green broccoli.

Tuesday's bento:
:: buckwheat sauteed with leeks and carrots
:: in the small silicone cup, Sant'Erasmo broccoli with gruviere cheese
:: two apples

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