29 March 2010

bento contest on justbento.com

and this is my bento for the spring bento contest at justbento.com, here the notes that go with it.

spring is a little late here in northern Italy so I had to assemble a late-winter/early-spring bento, as it includes both winter and spring ingredients.
when eating and packing my bentos, I always try to combine my different needs: first of all, I have to choose gluten-free ingredients because I'm coeliac; not less important, I always try to buy local products because they are cheaper, healthier, taste better and make me feel more respectful to the environment; being always in a hurry, I usually choose very simple and quick recipes.
so, this is my bento: on the right, grilled salmon with baked pumpkin&leeks and a litthe dillweed as it matches perfectly with both salmon and pumpkin; on the left, semi-polished rice savoured with turmeric powder and organig sunflower oil & dandelions (taraxacum) sauteed with garlic; a small radish (ravanello in Italian).

with the exception of salmon, all other ingredients are grown nearby: I usually buy semi-polished and brown rice at a farm 50 kilometres from Venice where I live (it is delicious), while I bought the pumpkin and the dandelions at Venice vegetable market: the pumpkin came from the Island of Sant'Erasmo and the dandelions from the Island le Vignole, both in Venice Lagoon. as for the bentobako, I used a basic lock&lock plastic container, and a disposable wooden fork. well, I guess this is it


Mara said...

Cara, ho visto che il cibo é nei tuoi pensieri anche la sera tardi...sei una cuoca mancata!!:))
Il tuo bellissimo bento mette voglia di pappa!!

creo said...


flying hawk said...

う!) 同じ台所でグルテンを含まれる料理も作られるのでご飯にもグルテンを混

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