21 July 2009

最近忙しかった! その上家のコンピュータースクリーンがちょっとピンクになって, あんまり使えないようになっちゃったから, 好きなブログも読めなかったりコメントも書かなかったりした. ブログの友達へ私を許してくださいね! では, また八月の三日にね!!! 皆さん,いいお休みを過ごすように!

13 July 2009

granny's bag - work in progress

exercising in sewing and trying to make this granny bag with the Japanese fabric I bought on the internet a while ago. following instructions is not easy even in Italian...but this book is awesome. wanuno de tsukuru baggu to komono!!!
I love this 'ennichi' fabric, it's colorful and makes me think of summer matsuri, takoyaki and shaved ice with syrup!

violet cauliflower

onigiri 2!!

08 July 2009


in my obento, from left: millet+rice+parsley onigiri, millet+rice 'plain' onigiri, millet+azuki+rice+chives onigiri


wow...I'm testing the new 'digital citizenship' of Venice (aka wifi connection) from a square somewhere. this is my first 'open-air' post. it seems to work!!!

not one bench to sit on
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