19 August 2009


first pumpkin of the season, from Sant'Erasmo Island + the Japanese cats calendar I'm so fond of!


I made some Nikuman Saturday, following L3mongohan-san's advices!!! Thank you so much!!! Mix B prooved to be just perfect!!!
I made four and filled them with minced meat and leeks sauteed in gluten-free tamari (I know, a very poor filling but the test was mostly focused on the dough, this time) the size of a palm (my palm, not very big) and then steamed them. They were good and the cooked 'bread' had a nice color and was fluffy and tasted...good!!!!


12 August 2009


"Sant'Erasmo Island (Northern Lagoon of Venice, between Murano, Burano and Torcello) has always been considered the vegetable garden of Venice. It is famous for the tastiness of its produce thanks to the particularities of the soil which is in part sand and clay and the vegetables are always present at Rialto market in Venice. Sant’Erasmo is famous for its artichoke, its beets and its asparagus".
I can say that Sant'Erasmo tomatoes and cucumber are painfully delicious, believe me. Tomatoes are so warm they taste like blood and sun melted together. Great greek salads in the next few days!!!

10 August 2009

muji bento - オンラインショッピング

無地のオンラインショップで買った真っ黒な弁当箱, おしゃれだと思う!
実は...最近すこし太ってしまった私は食事量がちょっと心配になったからこれから夕食もお弁当にするつもりだ. そうすれば毎日食べる物の分量をすこし減らして痩せられるかなあ??



mici in vacanza + un cane!

lane per l'inverno

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