26 January 2009

Bento Challenge week 2 - My report

Here are the five bentos I made last week (week 2 of the challenge)

It was much more fun than week 1, maybe because things in preparing the bento are getting a little smoother and I was able to pre-plan some staples to use the first half of the week. Anyway, here is my report, step by step, following my goals for week 2:

:: making healthier bentos using season and locally grown vegetables, with a good balance of proteins, carbs and vegetables/fruits.
Two out of five bentos I prepared were not that well-balanced, but I used a smaller container to pack my lunch so I managed to eat less (from 900ml containet to 700/670 ml, and I hope to use an even smaller one, a 460 ml Totoro bento I ordered today :-). Bento n.5, the one with pasta, had too much carbs in it, but considering that before the challenge, I used to fill ALL the container with pasta and nothing else, well, I consider it an improvement anyway! As for the season and local vegetables, I did well!

:: making one bento more than you did the previous week, that is 4+1 for me
Did it!
:: loss of weight
I replaced the loss of weight part with my personal goal of using a smaller lunchbox, which I did every day with no suffering.
::I usually fill the bento box in the evening, while preparing dinner or after dinner. My other goal was to prepare at least two bentos in the early morning before going out to work.
I managed to prepare only one in the morning so I guess I need to work on the planning and mise-en-place and, not less important, I need to get the kitchen and the refrigerator more 'bento-oriented'!!

It was real fun, though!!! I used things I had at home and some fresh vegetables like the red chicory my aunt gave me and I did not have to shop a lot for food. I had to throw away three carrots and some pumpkin and I'm not at all satisfied with it althought I wasted less than usual, but I really want to get better and better on this point because I hate wastes of any kind!

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