14 January 2009

Bento Challenge - my bento n.3

This is the 'double', 丸い marui bento I'm taking at work tomorrow, already packed in my refrigerator. I do not know if I'm getting better in pre-planning, but yesterday evening while arranging today's lunchbox, I thought 'let's make Thursday's bento more Italian style, with pasta!' Still, I wanted to use things I had at home so this is it:

I prepared tagliatelle (gluten-free, corn tagliatelle) with broccoli and added some smoked salmon* (it took the time for the water to boil and 5 minutes to cook pasta together with broccoli in salted water). The box is the one I use when eating pasta at work.

*I do not like to use canned food but, for emergencies, I always keep two or three packs (100 gr each) of smoked salmon and they help a lot in many recipes.

As a side dish, I prepared pumpkin flavoured with tamari and rosemary. I usually cut it myself but this time I bought 500 gr of already cut pumpkin from the greengrocer's and tasted it while packing the bento, it's good! And it took 15 minutes to cook (next time, I will cut the cubes in halves!).

I planned also Friday's bento, which I will fill with fresh ingredients that are very quick to cook, and I'm willing to end the week with no food waste. It makes me feel green :-)

For the planning part, I'm not using the regular bento-planner, I just write some bento notes in my pocket agenda because it is always in my bag and I can add new ideas any time.


creo said...



Should I write a comment in English??

flying hawk said...

Creosan, comento arigatou (日本語でいい)!! I'm writing these posts in English because I'm joining http://justbento.com 'Bento Challenge' and have to write a report in English about my bento-making. It'f fun, come take a look if you please :-)

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