20 January 2009

Bento Challenge: Week 2 - my bento n.3

少しづつ、 弁当らしくなってませんか?
For tomorrow's bento, I focused on the look. Green, vegan bento.
:: steamed broccoli
:: French beans sauteed with Tamari (glute-free tamari!)
:: yakionigiri with nori seaweed
:: Borlotti beans cokked the traditional way *
:: flower shaped carrots
*Dried Borlotti beans (fresh ones are available in summer) need to be soaked in water for 8-12 hours, and then they can be cooked in the pressure cooker with water, rosemery, some garlic (but you can use an onion insted), a carrot, a piece of celery for about 20 minutes. You can use them without the liquid in salads (perfect with Treviso red chicory) or for rich soups!

memo: I should have added half an egg, for the color :-)

note: Originally from the north of Italy, Borlotti beans are used traditionally in all type of soups, both thick, thin and creamy but also delicious served with bacon and sausages


Mosaica said...

!!! What is that Totoro textile under the bento?

I have a complete crush on everything Totoro, though I don't have a single Totoro-themed thing.. yet :-)

Also, how do you find your Japanese textiles? Do you travel to Japan?

Thanks for the comment on the Obama-bento. Though I think of myself as mostly Danish and a little Italian, still, I live *here* and so it has mattered so much how this election would go. Now we will see. Hope seems like a great start though, eh?


flying hawk said...

hi Mosaicasan :-)))
I'm mad about Totoro too, I watch the movie at least once a week :-)) and I consider Totoro as a kind of home-guardian or so!!
the blue textile under my lunch is a Totoro furoshiki I bought on Internet (loveghibli something, let me find the link!!)

the textiles both on the internet and in Japan! (there is a street in Tokyo Nippori with only textiles shops!!!)

cheers! (had too much red wine this evening :-))

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