23 September 2015

秋 FOOD IS GOD - Palazzo Zen, Venice

anche i colombi cominciano a sentire il freddo...
会社の状態はぜんぜん進まないみたいです。労働者組合の係り人は再就職の手伝いをしてくれると言われても、 ある人のためだけに頑張っていると思います。内の会社はVenezia県の部分ですけど、私達の契約は公務員と違うので、会社の解散の後どうなるかまだ分かりません。でもね、多分空き間が開いてきたかも。Venezia県の外の会社に入るための公募を公示されたので、今の65人ぐらいの中から6人が選ばれて、サンセルボロサービスと言う会社に移動される可能性です。じゃ、応募してみたので、来週の月曜日に面接があります。

Santi Giovanni e Paolo e la facciata della Scuola Grande di San Marco 
and now I switch to English. I haven't seen the two main exhibitions of this year art Biennale yet - I'd rather go to the architecture Biennale next year! - but there are many smaller exhibitions related to the Biennale scattered all over Venice and this is one of them. well, actually, it is Expo-related as the theme is food. Title FOOD IS GOD. Design Exhibition of Chinese Dining Utensils', chief curators Marino Folin and Wang Liduan, promoted by EMGdoART Foundation. Open everyday but Tuesday from 2.30pm to 7.30pm
Palazzo Zen, Cannaregio 4924 - Venezia

on display many utensils used by farmers in the countryside but also some amazing sets of dining plates and vases, created by contemporary artists using not only clay but also wood, metal and mixed materials. I'm planning to visit it again as I could not stop long enought to see also the documentary they play inside. 

this is a technique for repairing broken ceramics I've learned about from a Japanese magazine I bought a while ago, actually there are also some repair kits available on the internet! it's called Kintsugi (金継ぎ), guess I need to try it on my favourite tea-cup, someday (but I prefer to wait until the next trip to japan and buy a kit there ;)
io all'esposizione, immortalata a tradimento!
this is me taking pictures!

another beautiful table set. the works on display are really astonishing but the palace alone is worth the visit.
FOOD IS GOD. Design Exhibition of Chinese Dining Utensils'
Open everyday but Tuesday from 2.30pm to 7.30pm
Palazzo Zen, Cannaregio 4924 - Venezia

on the walls, panels with plastic food (reminded me of Kappabashi Dori!). 
I don't know if food is actually god, but it has so much to do with what we are and how we relate to the planet and to animals. I just can't stop thinking of all the harm we do to Nature (have you seen the 'Nature's speaking' series of videos? they give me goose bumps!) and to all her creatures. I really hope it will stop. as for me, I'm eating only veggies (and tofu and beans, drinking beer with organic chips!!) even though once in a while I use eggs for baking sweets and eat cheese on the delicious gluten-free pizza Paolo makes for me, but I'm working to find substitutes for that too.
my new hero is Joaquin Phoenix and I will #fastagaintslaughter on October 2. 

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