13 January 2009

Bento Challenge - my Bento n° 1

Here I am, ready to start with my first bento-making report!
I tried to make it simple, colorful (and more appealing than my usual lunch), healthy and filling!

the bentobox
I started with a brand new bento box, a 4.50 € clip&close, microwave safe container I bought last week (not knowing about the challenge yet!) that prooved to be perfect for my lunch. The one I used is the 0.9 l version...I know that it is big, but I like to eat quite a lot at lunch and if you put a lot of vegetables in it, it is not that scary!

inside my bento:
two plain onigiri, because I love the taste of plain Japanese rice!
one egg tamagoyaki with nori seaweed, savoured with gluten free Tamari (Limafood)
steamed broccoli
a mix of corn, green peas and carrots sauteed in a spoon of organic sunflower oil and tamari sauce

It was fun to prepare but it took more than I expected, because I had no leftovers or staples to put into the bentobako, so I had to prepare everything after dinner (yesterday evening). I decided for Japanese steamed rice (I always have at least a pack of Japanese rice at home, it is like Linus blanket to me!) and, while cooking it in the rice-cooker, I prepared the vegetables and the tamagoyaki. It took no more than 25-30 minutes but the problem is that my kitchen is small - terribly small - and I had pans everywhere! I definitely must focus on the planning part...
Today's bento was filling enought to give me 'strenght' (to resist) until dinner. I had an apple in the afternoon but no potato chips or other junk food!
As for my resolution to use leftovers and not to waste food anymore, I think I will practice this evening because I plan to prepare tomorrow's obento with yesterday dinner leftovers.
mood: quite satisfied

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