28 January 2009

Bento Challenge week 3: my bento n.4

Thursday bento with:
:: a big onigiri filled with smoked salmon
:: one hard-boiled egg (and an additional slice of smoked salmon)
(both over a layer of chicory)
:: tamari flavoured pumpkin
:: boiled Brussel sprouts

While filling the bento for tomorrow, I cooked some chicory and got it ready and packed to be frozen, pre-planning for next week bentos. Is the organization task getting better?
Cooking for the challenge is getting more and more fun. Strange to say, I like cooking but usually try only one or two things at a time, but since the beginning of the challenge my small kitchen seems to be roomy enought to let me move and cook with greater ease. I guess it comes as a consequence of having the cooking and 'bentoing' equipment at hand and easy to find and use. I like that!


Mosaica said...

I'm in love with your kitchen. I love the wood, and the clean spare colours, and the fact that it's so clean ;-) My kitchen is a bit like a torture chamber. I love to cook, but sometimes I get discouraged by my present kitchen.

It is crazy tiny, and I use a wheelchair, so I have to go in one way, and I can't turn *in* the kitchen, I need to back out and turn and then back in. Insane, yes?

I do spend some nice hours dreaming of my dream kitchen though, and that's a lot of fun.

flying hawk said...

Darling! I took that picture of my kitchen al least 5 years ago, when it was brand new (and when I used to cook far less than I do now :-p) so I promise to upload a more recent one, and make you really laught about what a mess it is today!!!

never get discouraged! :-)
(my dream kitchen is in a hobbit-japanese-style dream house!!)

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