12 January 2009

Getting Started Bento Challenge - 1


The very first post in English! I'm joining the Getting Started Bento Challenge of justbento.com by Maki, so the posts related to this 'event' will be written in English (although it would be a great exercise to translate them into Japanese as well...). I'm joining the challenge for several reasons (and for fun!) and here is the introduction I uploaded on justbento.com forum:

I'm 34 years old, I graduated in Japanese language at Venice University (born and live in Venice) and more or less 7 years ago I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Thus I had to start following a very strict gluten free diet but this 'problem' became an opportunity as I got more and more fond of cooking.

:: being a beginner, my aim is to make my bentos - simple and healthy - everyday to take at work to follow my gluten free diet smoothly and without efforts

:: as for the bento planning, my main focus is on using leftovers to prepare cute bentos. I often throw away leftovers and I feel so ashamed about it. I really want to improove and to get to use everything without wasting food!

:: I have to follow a gluten free diet and - luckily - I do not wish to loose weight! But before dinner I usually end up so hungry that, while cooking, I eat cheese or gluten-free potato chips (not oil free, though!) . I would like to use the Bento Challenge to quit eating junk food: preparing a rich bento lunch I'm hoping to resist to pre-dinner temptations!

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