14 January 2009

Bento Challenge - my Bento n. 2

here is today's bento

:: rice flavoured with tamari and topped with nori seaweed
:: a mix of sauteed carrots, green peas and corn and, in the yellow mini-cup
:: bite-size chicken cooked with tamari

I'll upload the report after dinner, I'm busy with my homework in the afternoon! (but I could not wait to share the photo :-)


8.52pm Today's bento report

Today's bento was really simple to make because I used leftovers, so I feel a little bit guilty about it! It took no more than 15 minutes to prepare. The rice and vegetables were already cooked and waiting in the refrigerator, so the main part was to wash and dry the chicken breast, cut it into bite-size pieces and cook it. I'm happy though, because I used for the very first time a silicone cup in my container and it worked very well! I had none at home and Monday afternoon I walked to the kitchen accessories store and bought two series of silicone muffin cups, round and square. They fit perfectly in my bento containers and help a lot to fill the bento with small amount of leftovers while making them look nice (in Italian we say 'you discovered hot water' to say that something is quite self-evident but I used the mini cup today for the first time and I'm really satisfied with it!).

As for today's bento, I'm happy because I used leftovers and this is one of my resolutions in the challenge - not to waste food! - but next time I'm planning to add not one but two newly cooked ingredients, one meat/fish/egg and one vegetable.
It is not in the picture but I always bring at work an apple or two, in addiction to the bento!

I've already prepared tomorrow's bento, and I will describe it in the next post!

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