19 January 2009

Bento Challenge: Week 2 - my bento n.2

I packed Tuesday's bento on Monday's evening (half an hour ago, after dinner).
I 'divided' the square lunchbox (670 ml) in four parts and tried to put a differen food in each of the four sections (instead of putting in it only three different colors/food, which make it look quite naive and too 'poor')

:: the three plain white rice onigiri and the colorful vegetables (carrots and French beans) were already cooked and ready to be used (cooked on 'pre-planning')
:: I had plenty of Treviso red chicory bought at the farmers's market in the week-end(it tastes almost sweet and it is perfect for making risotto!) so I used it both as fresh salad and cooked with some chicken breast (braised with leeks, red chicory and white Prosecco wine).
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