19 January 2009

Getting ready for Bento Challenge: week 2

a collage of my bentos for Bento Challenge week 1, and some more images

Yesterday evening I managed to prepare some rice (shaped in round onigiri) and steamed vegetables that I will use for this week's bentos, in addiction to a huge amount of Treviso Red Chicory (I went visiting my aunt on Saturday - she lives near Treviso in the countryside - and we drove to the local farmers' market to buy this typical radicchio - the Winter Flower - because here in Venice is too expensive but it is so delicious that it is worth the trip!!). Plus, at home, I have: chicken (I always have quite a lot of fresh chicken because it is the only food my female cat eats ...) pumpkin/squash, broccoli, potatoes, carrots, porri onions (one of my aim is to use only season vegetables), some frozen salmon I bought at the fish market two weeks ago, frozen spinach...Well, quite a wide choice of things to make healthy bento!

As for this week challenge

I will try to achieve (ehm...) all the goals

:: making healthier bentos using season and locally grown vegetables, with a good balance of proteins, carbs and vegetables/fruits. As for the accessory food, I will try my best although I will not use out-of-season vegetables like tomatoes and here at the local market there is no way to find colorful vegetables or typical Japanese ones such as daikon, lotus root and the like.

:: making 4+1 bentos and getting organized for the mise-en-place (I still have to exercise a lot on it!) trying not to turn my kitchen into battlefield every time!!

:: I was not interested in the weight loss part, at first, but I realized that a 900 ml container is too big for me, I do not want to loose weight but do not wish to gain it, either!!
So, this week my bento boxes will be smaller, 700 ml and 670 ml.

:: I usually fill the bento box in the evening, while preparing dinner or after dinner. I want to prepare at least two bentos in the early morning before going out to work.

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