05 February 2009

Bento Challenge week 4 - my bento (and his) n. 5

a Japanese friend of mine came for dinner (we had tons of amatriciana!) so I prepared these two bentos quite late, before going to bed. The one on the right, with the chopped chives onigiri is mine (slighlty smaller container) and the one on the left is for my boyfriend (who does not like chives!): luckily we are going to have lunch at home on Friday so this week challenge focus, preparing bentos for family and friends, turned out to be perfect!!

Friday's bentos are filled with

:: tamari glazed chicken
:: tamagoyaki
:: big onigiri filled with smoked salmon
:: carrots with parsley
:: French beans

I had only the onigiri from Wednesday evening and carrots leftovers so I had to prepare the other things but I like crunchy vegetables and cooked the beans for less than ten minutes, the bite-size chicken cooks very fast and I did not bother to roll the tamagoyaki so it was quite fast, after all!

It is an ordinary bento but I resisted the temptation of failing the task and having a traditional meal at home because I wanted to enjoy the bento with my boyfriend. I hope He likes it!

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