02 February 2009

Bento Challenge week 4 - my focus

This week focus of Maki's bento challenge is: making bento for others

Not very easy for me! I will try to prepare at least one Japanese style bento for my father and his lady (a big one easy to be carried that they can share at home), and maybe one onigiri bento for my collegue/friend M. who loves onigiri at least as much as I do!!!

As for the other goals, here they are
:: try to prepare my bento everyday (started with 4 on week one, and then 5 anf 5 for weeks 2 and 3)
:: variety of food is important, but saving money and be conscious about the environment are more important things to me, so I will focus 90% of my energy in filling my bento with seasonal and local products because they are less expensive and do not take energy to be carried far away. the money saving issue means also to keep using staples and dried food (beans etc) I already have at home (still have plenty of them!). carrots are enought to add a touch of color, this far.
:: as for the exercise, I've been walking as usual (at least 20 minutes a day with a max. of 50 minutes walks when going to shop for food etc) and I would like to do more, but this week's weather seems to be awful...we will see!

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