15 February 2009

Bento Challenge week 5 - my report

This week was a bit like assembling together the pieces of a puzzle that in past weeks were all scattered (and hidden) around! Before the challenge, I was not new to the bento universe but I had not yet tried to make it my own. I used to look at bento related websites with great admiration but felt they were too daunting a task for me to make.
The challenge was the perfect opportunity to learn while making new friends, and I think I became a real 'beginner'! At first I was a bit confused by the new things to do, but even more I was overwhelmed by the many things you need to think about when trying to organize better. After having 'survived' for 4 weeks, on the 5th I tried to take it easier and I focused on what I realized to be my most important aim/goal/challenge: having my meals arranged in a bento-style way at lunch and dinner, with all that comes with the bento-making process. I mean, I want to continue bringing my bento every day at work, but during this week 5 I arranged food in a bento-style also for dinner (exercise!), on one single plate, and I realized it is a good way to pay attention to what and how much I eat.
During week 5, I got more into my own specific needs and tried to focus on them

:: together with my bentos, had healthier snacks (dried apricots/sunflower seeds/whole grains&honey home made biscuits/and my usual apples)

:: kept on using leftovers and previously frozen things, making a habit of writing down on a notebook how much I spend on food and trying to save more money

:: focused as before on season's food and local products (and this also helped on the money saving!)

:: tried to put my lunch in a smaller bentobox and saw that it was ok! Lunch was still satisfying and I did not feel sleepy or too 'heavy' in the afternoon, I had my usual snack and I was in a better mood so ate more 'consciously' also at dinner (!!!).

:: froze some leftovers that I would have wasted otherwise (I usually tell myself 'ok, I will eat this tomorrow' and then 'tomorrow' I end up cooking something new and forget about leftovers, but this bad habis is changing!)

:: got things reorganized in a couple of cupboards (and more to follow) and in one of my freezer drawers

:: thought and searched in books/internet and magazines about correct food combinations and exchanged on it with a challenge friend who made me wish to search more!!

:: and today, after dinner, got my bento ready for week 6!!
mean, for me this is only the beginning and I'm still exited!!!

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