09 February 2009

Bento Challenge week 4 - my report

I was quite anxious about week 4 focus, ‘making bento for others’ but a collegue of mine who is also a dear friend to me and has been following my bento improvements (well, let’s say my bento-making efforts!) with curiosity and support, was happy when I asked her to ‘help’ me for the week focus and share the bento experience with me! She loves Japanese rice so much that choosing to make onigiri was quite natural to me. It was not a regular obento, though, made with leftovers and paying attention to food balance, but rather a ‘special-onigiri-lunch-with-friend’ so I think it stands apart…But then I had another opportunity to make bento for others, that was for my boyfriend on Friday. We had a bento-style lunch at home (real bento, this time) and He enjoyed it very much!

My main efforts for the week were devoted to

:: continue to prepare my bento everyday (which I did)
:: the saving money issue, that meant to use food I had at home and shop only for very necessary things + choosing only seasonal vegetables and fruits (which I did, exept for a cucumber I bought after seeing Mosaica’s bento with sunomono that made me crave for cucumber fresh taste!!)
:: extra efforts were made to prepare home-made afternoon snacks because althought the bento is very filling, I always end up eating something in the afternoon so I cooked some L size whole flour cookies with honey and no butter to have an healthy snack.

Here the bentos!

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