01 February 2009

Bento Challenge week 3 - my report

here the pictures I took of past week (week 3) bentos

Five bentos out of five days, and almost no shopping for food!
Having my bento for lunch is becoming almost natural: not that the pre-planning and organization issues are that smooth, but I think I will not go back to my habit of having only one main dish for lunch, like a huge amount of pasta or rice and nothing else. I really enjoy having my bentobox filled with different foods and colors and I'm willing to keep up with this new habit!

I'm really satisfied with this third week focus, that was on making bento to save money. I mean, I had only a glimpse on how much I can save with the 'bento-method'!!! I almost did not shop for food and I realized that I'm getting to remember much more easily what food, vegetables and staples I have at home so I do not end up buying things that I do not need. I understood that the pre-planning part starts before going out to shop at the supermarket, with a quick glimpse into the cupboards and the refrigerator, and I really want to focus on this also for future bentos and general food (and everything) shopping!

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