31 January 2008



Sammy said...

cosa sono? tipo segnalibri?

flying hawk said...

Senja fuda" (one-thousand-shrine sticker)originated as paper mementos that were pasted on the walls and pillars of temples and shrines by believers to mark their visits to make votive offerings. "Senja fuda" reached their heyday in the eighteenth century, when numerous designs were produced and collectors formed circles for the purpose of exchanging them, a practice that became very popular and gave rise to even greater design originality. The unique aesthetic of Edo "chic" can be seen in multiple-color woodblock print "senja fuda" that combine letters and "ukiyo-e" pictures. This collection of sensha fuda is a storehouse of graphic design that can serve as a valuable ressource for contemporary designers.


>>: il libro è questo http://www.junku.fr/fr/detail.php?id=8107

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