26 October 2009

shopping! and pumpkin gnocchi again

a sunny and warm week end, it felt like being back in September (too bad because I'm starving for winter!)
I bought some threads to try sashiko stitching (they were on sale o,50 € each) maybe donguri, autumn leaves, chestnut?

this is my favourite ring, the dark side of a full moon on my finger
(10 € at the flea-market in April, still wearing it every single day!)

this is an awesome wool scarf I bought at the same flea market on Sunday (45 €, not too cheap but it is gorgeous, terribly soft and I fell in love with the colors..scarves are just like bags to me, I never seem to have enought!)

and these are the pumpkin gnocchi I made Thursday evening (I had them twice..) next time should try cooking the pumpkin in the oven and not in the steamer because it was too watery and I had to add too much flour

in addition,I bought a pair (well, 5) double pointed needles because I'd like to try and knit 'Fuzzy Lamb' from fuzzymitten.com
and Chu Totoro by Brella I found on raverly.com
all my girlfriends have babies or are about to have them and I thought it would be nice to knit some toys for them, instead of buying them at the shop. still don't know if I can make them though...

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