03 March 2015

(late) Carnival 2015

it's a little bit too late for Carnival but forgive me please. For dinner I had only gluten-free tsumami and two beers, I worked for a couple of hours on my new profile on Linkedin (got 21 connections, at least) and now here I am, after neglecting my blog for two weeks! 
Carnival was...Carnival. I took some pictures on Fat Tuesday and here they are (out of focus as usual). It was February the 17th, International Cat Day and, above all, my dad's birthday! 77, happy Birthday again. Too bad that I was seated so far from him that we do not even have a picture together for his birthday. it was surreal, as always is when my family gathers for some family-ish occasions. 

Happy Birthday!

 fish plate I did not eat because I've been eating vegan/vegetarian lately

and my cheese-selection plate,  with honey, remember do not use the knife to dip into the honey small bowl 'cause it is extremely ruuude! oh my God, I was seated just in front of great Princess her Majesty and regretted it a lot! sorry for this, but this is my blog and I'm allowed to talk nonsense once in a while. 

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