29 September 2009

salmon+leeks+potatoes (lots of potatoes)

I've been lazy with cooking all summer (but Sant'Erasmo vegetables - tomatoes and cucumbers - worked perfect for my many Greek salads) and now I find myself wishing it were already autumn, because it should be autumn but it seems that summer is going to last forever! Cold dishes and salads are still delicious but I wanted something different so I tried a 'jaga-niku' or maybe nabemono style of cooking for some salmon I had in the freezer. I cut the salmon and some delicious potatoes (Sant'Erasmo, yess!) in pieces, added some leek and flavoured with tamari shoyu, then covered everything with katsuobushi soup. I simmered the salmon and potatoes for about 35 minutes and ... tasted! delicious (but not very nice to look at...need to improove the look!)

1 comment:

Mara said...

Ti ruberò l'idea di questa ricetta, magari con la carne. Piatto veloce e ricco...mi ci ficco.Un baciotto!

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