17 November 2013

cats and only 6 minutes to update

Friday afternoon, awful weather with heavy rain pouring down from a dark sky: there's nothing you can do but relax
with only 6 or seven minutes to update the blog, the easiest way is uploading pictures I casually made with my cell phone while having a stroll on Sunday morning and writing in English, as everybody knows English and Italian makes me too lenghty and boring

 the cat of the family next door, sunbathing on my roof (and staring at me and Pichan). she's beautiful but kind of snobbish

my favorite shop in Venice 'Sabbie e Nebbie', with lots of Japanese items - bentos, chopsticks, fabrics, tea cans, fuurin etc. - but also Indian scarves and paper cards.

 lucky it is closed on Sunday!

try and find the cat in the pictures! he is black and white, standing on a bricks wall to chase for pidgeons

and this red one looks exactly like the cat we once had at home, simply called 'micio'. the sweetest on earth, he stayed with us 16 years. my sister brought him from the mountain place when I was 8 year's old and he died when I was at university. but the one in the picture looked quite healthy!

a shot from the Accademia bridge, with the dome of the Salute church in the distance.

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