30 November 2009

Today's menu - Mon.30 November

Today's menu is a new category, inspired by one of my favourite websites, Yasukosan Home cooking (because I love sushi, but more than anything else I love and cherish Japanese people and the taste of Japanese home-cooking! and at Yasuko's there is the cat Poco!) and very useful to be more conscious about my eating habits (well, I need to loose weight, this is the ugly truth!)

BREAKFAST --- green tea | rice cakes with figs jam filling (Probios Cuori di riso)
LUNCH   --- spaghetti with spinach and bacon
BETWEEN MEALS --- apple | rice cakes with figs filling
DINNER --- home-made sour bread with caprino cheese (goat's fresh cheese) | spinach with sesame and tamari dressing

cuori di riso ai fichi (Organic rice cakes with figs jam filling | gluten-free)

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