05 March 2009



本の猫たちと比べると、家の猫たちも姿も性格も全く似ていません。とらちゃん(めす)もう9歳になって、とってもはずかしくて傷つきやすい猫です。彼女は五月蝿い人が大嫌いで、何時も一人でいるのが好きだと思う。だから、 ピちゃん(おす)を飼った時(二年前のことだ)、とらちゃんすごく怒ってしまった(今も怒ってると思う。。) 彼が若くて、彼女にいやがらせばかりしているので、大変です!!


creo said...


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I won't be able to comment on your post, but I'm happy you are still blogging! :)

Mosaica said...

I can tell this is a gift from friends in Japan --how lovely! And there are cats involved, also a very fine thing ;-) My cat (Mouse) miaows hello and hopes you're feeling fabulous.

I'm expecting a Very Exciting package to arrive today, and I am really beside myself with anticipation. I know you will enjoy seeing this package too, so I'll post pictures and blog about.. when it FINALLY arrived :-)

flying hawk said...

thank you all for the comments ^-^! (for zoe: I was home with fever for soo long! so boring)
it is a gift from a Japanese friend, dear Mosaica! a funny photo album of a Japanese girl who lives in a very small flat with her two cats, just like me in Venice!!! she took so many pictures of her cats, they are adorable - she uploads the pictures in her blog too, here http://yaplog.jp/ninasan/

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